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Information about Foxy's Kids Club


Children love games and that is exactly what we attach great importance to. We coaches - as also the children - don't like running laps, punishing and screaming. So we just don't do that. The sessions  are based on an educational concept that focuses on the fox Foxy and his friends. Every training session becomes a rousing story and the children learn to deal with the ball and their own bodies subconsciously.



We know how professionals work, since we have been to FC Barcelona and Real Madrid for further coaches degrees in football. With the help of psychologists, we have developed this knowledge on the following key points in a child-friendly manner:

  • Me and my body

    • Multi-sportive getting to know your own body system through games and exercises

  • Me and the ball

    • What is that round thing there on the ground and what can you do with it?

    • We want the children to find out the answers themselves as best they can by imaginatively using the ball

  • We together

    • Football is a team sport and that demands and promotes social skills

    • what one cannot do, we may do together

    • Children should help other children -> do not laugh at the other child (children love it when they are given responsibility)



We like to work with interested clubs, organizations and associations - we want children to be able to play football in a fear-free atmosphere. Foxy and his team use imaginative stories to teach children how to play football.

Become a partner of the Kids Club today and get information here or contact us by email.



START: March 13, 2021

thereafter:  Training once a week


3.000 Ksh per session


9.000 Ksh per month


I have to take this with me:

  • Sports gear

  • Rain jacket (depending on the weather)

  • Sports shoes (do not necessarily have to be football shoes)

  • Drinking bottle

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